Free On-Site Consultation!

At BHS Services, we pride ourselves on providing round-the-clock handyman services of high quality and standards. You can always count on us for anything you'd like to repair!

From small emergency repairs on leaks and blockages in homes, to plumbing problems in a commercial and industrial environment, we will ensure that our service is of quality that exceeds your expectations.
We provide a variety of electrical services ranging from installations of electrical appliances to rewiring. Power failure? Fret not, we provide 24/7 service!
It's cool if you have an air-con on in a humid day or night, but if it breaks down, it's going to be really hot. We'll do our best to get to your place as fast as we can to bring it back up! You can call us for a maintenance work before it refuses to work!

My previous repairman always say he fixed my air-con, but a few days later it broke down again and he cannot tell me why! I then came across this site and the BHS technician managed to tell me the problem and finally fix it! "

Soh Kim Mun, Administrative Clerk